4 Reasons to Hire an OUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

4 Reasons to Hire an OUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

Operating under influence of alcohol/drugs (OUI) is considered as a crime in Massachusetts. If you face an OUI charge, it’s important to hire an OUI lawyer in MA. If any automobile accident is also associated with the OUI charge, the help of a Massachusetts car accident lawyer may also be needed.

Here are some reasons to hire an OUI lawyer in Massachusetts:

  1. 1. An attorney specializing in OUI/DUI/DWI is able to notice things that you cannot. A drunk driving lawyer knows what things to see in a case. For example, a Massachusetts drunk driving defense lawyer knows to ensure that you were kept under observation for 15 minutes prior to taking the breath test. They also know to check the ‘test ticket’ as well as ensure that the machine is calibrated. Such small things are not merely technicalities. Problems with even such minor things can imply that there are issues with the proper functioning of the breath machine. This could imply for you that the results of the breath test could not be utilized in the court against you.


  1. 2. A DUI lawyer can tell you whether there has been any violation of your constitutional rights. The Massachusetts citizens are fortunate to have the protection of both Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America. As compared to the Constitution, citizens’ rights are protected more fiercely by Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. By looking at your case, a defense lawyer can tell you if your rights under Declaration of Rights or Constitution have been violated by the police. In such a case, evidence may be suppressed, implying that prosecutors may not introduce it in the trial.


  1. 3. A well-experienced Massachusetts car accident attorney or an OUI attorney can tell not only what a law says, but also what that law means as well as what a judge might do with that law. Drunk driving statute – G.L.c. 90 section 24 – states that you could be punished with jail term for about 2 ½ years; however, that doesn’t mean that you will. A huge number of the first offence OUI charges lead to “24D” program. Such an arrangement is highly preferable to most clients as compared to the lengthier license loss under standard statute.


  1. 4. It’s said that good lawyers know the law, whereas great lawyers know the judge. A good attorney conducts his research well. However, a better attorney conducts research about the other players. If you are looking for an attorney practicing in your area, make sure the attorney knows something about the prosecutor and judge. This knowing would help in crafting an argument to the audience.


These are a few of the key reasons to hire an OUI lawyer when you are charged with OUI. If there is also a car accident involved with the OUI, consider hiring a MA personal injury lawyer. When choosing an attorney, research their background well and select carefully.