5 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Massachusetts

5 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Massachusetts

Criminal Defense Attorneys have an important role to play in offering defense services against various criminal charges. Such charges may include drug crimes, OUI/DUI, theft and more. If a resident of Massachusetts wants to hire an MA criminal defense lawyer that’s one among the best, it’s important to know the attorneys that are the best in Massachusetts. Below is a list of some of the best criminal defense lawyers in Boston, Massachusetts:


1. Amit Singh, Singh Law 4 U

Amit Singh of the Massachusetts law firm, Singh Law 4 U, is a renowned MA criminal defense attorney who has represented many OUI/DWI as well as criminal defense clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Attorney Amit Singh has the experience of representing a huge number of clients throughout the nation for immigration matters, social security disability, and workers’ compensation. He has a track record of successfully trying numerous bench trials and fifty-four jury trials. The key practice areas of Singh Law 4 U include criminal defense, personal injury, and workers’ compensation.


2. Altman & Altman, LLP

Altman & Altman, LLP, based in Massachusetts, is a law firm providing criminal defense services for more than 40 years. It has offices in Salem, Boston, and Cambridge. Attorney Samuel Goldberg, a former prosecutor, is equipped with more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense. Their clients’ peace of mind is highly important for the firm and it strives to handle each case efficiently with the individual needs of the client in mind.


3. Henry Fasoldt

A renowned Boston criminal defense lawyer, Henry Fasoldt, has been running a private practice from 2013. He has about a decade of experience in criminal defense. He offers legal defense for various criminal charges like juvenile crimes, OUI/DUI, sex crimes, and drug crimes. The legal knowledge, approachability, and attention to detail of Henry are praised by his clients.


4. Cunha & Holcomb

Cunha & Holcomb, P.C., a law firm based in Boston, was established in 1981 and offers a wide range of legal services. The practice of attorney John Cunha is focused on criminal defense, whereas that of attorney Helen Holcomb is focused on divorce litigation and family law. The firm has also represented clients belonging to countries other than the U.S., including citizens, green card holders, or visitors.


5. Cappetta Law Offices

This law firm offering criminal defense services is located in Framingham. Attorney Daniel Cappetta, a well-known MA criminal defense attorney, was formerly an Assistant District Attorney and he employs his previous experience in the form of a prosecutor to offer defense services to his clients. The firm runs an office at Natick too and offers defense services for different types of criminal charges like theft, drug crimes, DUI, and juvenile defense.


These are a few of the best criminal defense lawyers in Boston, Massachusetts. If you ever need an MA criminal defense lawyer, choose one among the most reputed lawyers, who has a proven track record of effectively helping his/her clients.