7 Situations to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Massachusetts

7 Situations to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, Workers’ Compensation system has been built to protect the workforce of the state. If workers are injured while working, they should be capable of getting their medical expenses covered as well as receive certain benefits during the time they are not able to work. The laws are meant to be easily used by workers to protect themselves as well as their families.

There are situations in which workers can represent themselves in workers’ comp cases. However, such situations mostly involve injuries that are very simple or employers that are extremely cooperative. Well, such situations are quite rare. In cases that are more complicated, it’s highly helpful to have a workers’ comp lawyer by your side.


Situations Where You Need the Help of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Although the system of workers’ compensation is a great step, the developers of the system didn’t take into consideration the insurance companies and employers that increase the difficulty of workers in getting benefits by posing challenges on a worker’s claim at every step.

Due to the system’s contentious nature, it’s often important to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

A reliable workers’ comp lawyer is needed in the following situations:

1. The insurance company or the employer tell you that the injury you got is not covered or is not related to work

2. The insurance company or the employer offers a settlement to you that cannot cover all your lost wages or medical bills

3. Due to the work injury, you are unable to return to the prior job, any similar job, or return to the job at all

4. You get benefits of Social Security disability

5. You are having a third party claim (like in situations of slip and fall or car accidents)

6. The employer or insurance company is unwilling to work with you and is not returning your phone calls

7. Your job is lost following the work injury


Your workers’ compensation lawyer would determine the amount your case is actually worth and help you receive a fair settlement when and if it’s offered. Such a lawyer saves you from settling for a far less amount than your lost wages or medical bills because of your injury. A well-experienced workers’ comp lawyer is also capable of communicating with the insurance company or the employer effectively. So, if you ever find yourself not receiving the right compensation for your work-related injury, hire a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer in Massachusetts.