Compassionate Release – Early Release Program for Massachusetts Prisoners

Compassionate Release – Early Release Program for Massachusetts Prisoners

Massachusetts was among the last 5 states of the USA that were excluded from the list of the American states that have a ‘compassionate release’ facility program. But the scenario changed in April 2018. Governor Baker signed a reform bill that lets inmates apply for this new program. From August 2018 inmates were able to submit their early release applications. The first release program finally took place in November of 2018. Almost all of the prisoners can apply for early release program except the prisoners that are convicted in first degree murder cases.

Compassionate release is mostly applicable for the inmates that are suffering from life threatening diseases. This bill is also known as ‘medical parole’. This program is designed to quicken the parole date of inmates with chronic health issues. ‘Medical parole’ law is based on the prison medical clinic’s capacity of treating the disease, the disease’s severity, and its related costs. The program also saves money of the state’s judicial system. The law relieves the correction system from bearing extra costs that come with terminally ill prisoners.

Massachusetts Law (section 97) lets the incarcerated individuals apply for this program. The law states that prisoners that are suffering from incurable conditions that may likely cause death within the next 2 years can apply for early release.

Each candidate that is willing to apply for ‘medical parole’ program, must have proper documentation related to all tests. The plan includes a proposed course of treatment, important documents from medical providers, proper evidence of a financial plan to take care of the treatment program and other related issues.

Prisoners must apply with a written petition to his/her facility center’s superintendent. Other than the prisoner, the facility center’s medical provider, prisoner’s next of kin, prisoner’s attorney, or Correction Department’s staff member can submit the petition.

The superintendent of the correction center reviews the petition after its submission and puts forward his own assessment and the risk the prisoner poses to the Commissioner of the Department of Correction. If the Commissioner and parole board both deem fit the prisoner for early release then she/he can be released.

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