What Will Happen in Case of Disorderly Conduct for Pulling a Fire Alarm

What Will Happen in Case of Disorderly Conduct for Pulling a Fire Alarm

Laws are implemented not only to prevent people from performing unlawful or violent activities but also to protect ordinary citizens. Certain acts such as participating in fights, being loud and raucous or directing abusive gestures to other people can land you with a criminal charge of disorderly conduct. Similarly, you can be charged with disorderly conduct if you pull a fire alarm, intentionally or unintentionally.

To understand things in a better manner, let’s try to understand the following scenario.

Imagine that you’re out on town with friends having a fun time. You’ve not interacted with each other in a while and thought it’d be great to catch up over a glass of drink. After chatting for a while, you all start recollecting about your younger, crazy days together.

Pretty soon the walk down the memory lane takes action, with the group deciding to go out and do something crazy, similar to those during your younger days. Consequently, your group ends up at a local nightclub, consumes alcohol, and one of your friends pulls the fire alarm!

Panic and confusion set in resulting in an emergency situation. The night club is evacuated, and the fire department reaches the spot to conduct an inspection. Now, you’ll be charged with disorderly conduct once they find out the reason behind the ringing of the alarm.

In such a case, you don’t have any other option apart from hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer. According to veteran lawyers, there’re many situations in which false fire alarms were also set off by sober individuals and school-aged children.


A False Fire Alarm is a Crime in Massachusetts

Setting off a false fire alarm is considered a crime in Massachusetts. There’re strict laws governing the situation, and none will consider it as a prank. Pulling a fire alarm in a public place under pretenses is, therefore, considered as highly disruptive and is a crime in Massachusetts. If you’re identified as a culprit, you can face several criminal charges, including pulling a fire alarm, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

Other circumstances might warrant additional charges on you, such as public intoxication. And if you were drunk in public while pulling the fire alarm, or consumed alcohol under the age of 21 when you were caught pulling the alarm.

Though many of the charges mentioned above are misdemeanor level offenses, if you’re found convicted, you’ll have to undergo a criminal proceeding. If proven guilty, you may have to pay a fine or face some jail time.

Undeniably, a criminal conviction for a minor offense like falsely pulling a fire alarm or disorderly conduct can have a significant impact on your life. Thus, you need to fight the charges if you’ve been accused.

If you’ve accidentally pressed the fire alarm, or think you’ve been falsely framed of disorderly conduct, it’s time you get in touch with Attorney Amit Singh of Singh Law 4 U. Amit Singh and his team has years of experience in handling cases related to disorderly conduct.