Legal Dos & Don'ts of Marijuana in Massachusetts: Laws that Users Must Conform to

Legal Dos & Don’ts of Marijuana in Massachusetts: Laws that Users Must Conform to

People living in the US state of Massachusetts and its surrounding areas are acquainted with the fact that a law has been implemented. It is regarding the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes.

Well, since then there has been a mixed response from marijuana consumers. While some people are in favor of the law, others have expressed their surprise “how can we allow this”? Here are a few do’s and don’ts of Marijuana law in Massachusetts.



  • The quantity of using marijuana is restricted by law. Legally it is allowed for consumers to possess five grams of marijuana in concentrated form. Under this comes pills, liquids, candies, pastes, and others. Violating the law will fetch severe punishments and if you accidentally do it, the only way to escape it is by appointing a reputed MA criminal defense lawyer.
  • Like cigarettes and alcohol, for purchasing, possessing, and using Marijuana, it is mandatory to be 21 years of age or more. This law has been implemented to prevent the misuse of the drug and maintain taxation.
  • Those growing own marijuana plants at their households are permitted to raise six plants per person. The maximum limit cannot exceed twelve plants per household. The plants should not be displayed in public and must be locked in a vessel or room.  You will have to pay $500 as monetary fines if you are found breaching the law both intentionally and accidentally. Apart from that, each household can keep up to ten ounces of marijuana harvest.



  • It is strictly prohibited by law to use Marijuana in public. This includes smoking, eating, and rubbing. Consumers can use it in enclosed places including their cars as long it is not in plain sight. Such regulation is similar to alcohol which you cannot consume in public. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission is also against the public consumption of marijuana.  According to the Commission ‘’Smoking marijuana in an area where smoking tobacco is prohibited is also prohibited.”
    If you are found consuming or smoking it in public, it would result in monetary fines of $100. If you have violated the law accidentally, hiring a renowned and experienced MA criminal defense lawyer can bail you out of trouble.

  • Growing marijuana at your residence is not applicable if you are a tenant. In such cases, the landlord will forbid you from displaying, growing, producing, processing, manufacturing, consuming, and selling of the drug in her/his lease agreement.
  • Driving a car under the influence of marijuana intoxication is illegal and strictly forbidden by law. When a driver is under the influence of the drug, it negatively impacts the control and speed of the automobile she/he is driving. It has been found that the psychoactive effects of the drug are declared harmful by the law as it makes the driver susceptible to accidents.

These laws must be adhered to if you use and consume Marijuana on a regular basis. They will help you to use the drug legally and safely for recreational purposes.