Case Study: Successful Dismissal of Charges with the help of Massachusetts DUI Lawyer Amit Singh

Case Study: Successful Dismissal of Charges with the help of Massachusetts DUI Lawyer Amit Singh

Amit Singh, a reputed DUI lawyer in Massachusetts, had a client who was arrested for Driving under the Influence (DUI). When asked for an explanation for poor driving, the client said his tiredness and exhaustion at work was the reason. The client had had a tiring day at work and wanted to reach his home as soon as possible to get some sleep.

However, he was noticed to be drifting out of the lane quite frequently, by the arresting officer. Although the client offered signs similar to that of driving drunk, he was actually completely sober.

There are drivers who eat, talk on their phone, read a map, and practice other bad habits while driving including drifting out of lanes often. Nevertheless, these factors were neglected by the arresting officer and it was not determined thoroughly whether the client was actually drunk or not.

The client was stopped by the attorney, in spite of not getting any smell of alcohol in the breath of the client, and was ordered to undertake the field sobriety test.

The client responded to the questions of the officer slowly since he was extremely tired and exhausted. The client also struggled to give the field sobriety test that usually needs a sound vigilance and coordination.

Because of this, the client was arrested by the officer, who read the Miranda warnings to him, and then charged the client for DUI (Driving under the Influence).

However, the client understood that he needed to talk to his lawyer prior to speaking to anyone else. The client called Attorney Amit Singh who advised him to stay silent until his arrival.


Building the Defense

After knowing the entire incident, Attorney Amit Singh understood that various ways were there for building a case so as to get the charges dismissed completely or reduced. He could base his first strategy for defense on unlawful traffic stop.

Additionally, the lawyer could argue that there was a lack of a proper cause in the efforts of the officer to arrest the client. Even in the case, the client’s breath smelled of alcohol, the lawyer could employ a proven strategy for a defense. According to laboratory studies, the breath of an individual smelling of alcohol has no correlation with the alcohol level in their blood.

Despite having both of these legal arguments for presenting before the prosecuting office for dismissal of DUI charges, the lawyer decided to use another strategy.

The car camera of the police had recorded the whole incident, including how the client performed in the field sobriety test. The arresting officer claimed that the client performed poorly in the field sobriety test, and this was an evidence of impairment.

Subsequently, the lawyer showed that individuals can significantly vary in their inability or the ability to perform in the field sobriety test. An individual may perform poorly or fail in the tests due to a number of factors like a slippery surface, having unsuitable footwear, inclement weather conditions, or being nervous, anxious, or frustrated. The prosecutor gave his agreement to the evidence presented, dismissing all the charges.



In this way, skilled Massachusetts DUI lawyer, Amit Singh, successfully got the charges dismissed for his client. He has won many DUI cases, where clients were charged without sufficient evidence, by leveraging effective tactics and his vast experience.