How Long an OUI or DUI Stays on Your Record in MA ?

How Long an OUI or DUI Stays on Your Record in MA ?

Are you aware that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has some of the strictest drunk driving rules in the country? It is a punishable offense if you drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drug or other controlled substance.

Do you know for how long an OUI (operating under influence) or DUI (driving under influence) charge can be on your record in Massachusetts? Imagine a situation when you get OUI/DUI and go to the court without the help of a professional and skilled attorney!!! You will be recorded there forever. In this matter, you may consult with an MA OUI Lawyer.

 It is obvious that this type of crime depends on different types of factors like whether the person is charged for the very first time, is a habituated offender, the immediate circumstances and other important facts.


To know more about how DUI charge stays on your record in MA, read on:

First of all, you need to understand that there are two levels of records that are involved with DUI charges.


Driving record: In this level, a charge with DUI on your driving record will be reported to the prospective employers, insurance company, and other agencies for at least 10 years. If you have no other DUI conviction in the subsequent years, then you can apply to remove the DUI charge from your driving record.


On the other hand, if you have a second or third DUI conviction within ten years after the first one, your request for removing the charge from the driving record will have a little or no chance of being granted. If you are charged with another DUI after removing of the first one, it will be always considered a second offense.


Criminal record: It is inevitable that, unless a criminal charge is removed, you are going to have DUI criminal record forever. But if you are under 18 and charged with DUI, you can request for removal of your criminal charge. However, it cannot be guaranteed that your request will be accepted easily. 


Now, after reading this blog, you must be having a clear idea about how long an OUI or DUI stays on your record in MA. A long-term effect of DUI conviction can destroy your whole career and personal life too. Do not hesitate to take the suggestion from a skilled Massachusetts DUI lawyer whenever in need of legal help.