How to Find the Right Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer

How to Find the Right Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer

If someone has been charged with any crime or arrested, they need the immediate help of a good criminal defense lawyer. A skilled criminal defense attorney can explain all your rights thoroughly and create the difference between dismissal or reduced plea bargain and a jail sentence. So, if you are a resident of Massachusetts, it’s important that you have a good Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer by your side.

Importance of Criminal Defense Lawyer

To be charged with either a minor or major crime is a grave issue. Someone with criminal charges risks several serious consequences and penalties like loss of future job prospects and relationships, having a criminal record, jail time and others. It’s possible to handle some legal matters alone; however, any kind of criminal arrest calls for the legal assistance of a qualified and skilled criminal defense lawyer. Such a lawyer can not only protect your rights but also try to attain the best possible result for your case.

When faced with a criminal prosecution, a good criminal lawyer helps you understand the following:

  • The nature of filed charges
  • Any defenses available
  • The plea bargains that may be offered
  • What is expected following the trial or conviction


How you can find a Good Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you reside in Massachusetts, there are several ways you can find a qualified Massachusetts criminal lawyer. A good start is to doing an online research or seeking referrals from family and friends. However, there may be times when someone with criminal charges might not want the news of their arrest to be publicized to their extended family or friends. They might also not have lots of time for researching online.

What to Know About a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer before Hiring

Prior to choosing a Massachusetts criminal lawyer, it’s important for you to be adequately comfortable talking to the lawyer about every aspect of the criminal charge you are facing. Here are certain things you should know about the lawyer:

  • Does the lawyer have the experience of handling any similar cases?
  • How much of your criminal case will the lawyer actually handle?
  • What number of jury trials has the lawyer litigated?
  • How often does the lawyer ask for a lesser charge or work out any plea agreements?
  • What are the fees of the lawyer and how is it calculated? Does the lawyer offer any payment plan?
  • Will the lawyer be willing to offer references from previous clients?


Fees of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The fee of a criminal lawyer is based on various factors, such as the lawyer’s geographical location, track record, reputation, and experience. Criminal defense attorneys mostly bill their time on an hourly basis or have flat fee arrangement. According to the arrangement of fees, some criminal lawyers may let you follow a payment plan for handling ongoing charges. Some other lawyers may ask for a retainer fee upfront prior to working on your case.

It is always wise to consult multiple criminal attorneys in your area so as to find someone you feel comfortable working with as well as get a sound idea of the costs involved.


This information will help you find the right Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer who can handle your case efficiently.