Is it Possible to Beat a DUI Charge with A Public Defender?

Is it Possible to Beat a DUI Charge with A Public Defender?

Getting charged with DUI (drinking under the influence of alcohol or drugs) in Massachusetts carries some of the strictest punishments for someone who is convicted of it. Right from monetary fines to forfeiture of driving license, to years of imprisonment, nothing is spared.

If you feel that the penalties imposed on you are too harsh, and want to defend yourself then discuss your case with a reputed DUI attorney in MA. You can also consider a public defender who is an attorney appointed by the court and paid by the government. But can you beat the DUI charge with the help of a public defender? Is she/he a better option than a DUI attorney? The answer can only be found after we compare the two.

If you are a needy defendant facing imminent jail then hiring a public defender has its pros and cons. Since DUI is an intricate area of legal practice, first you need to find out the differences between a public defender and DUI attorney before appointing the former. You need to make the difference by taking into account her/his legal experience, representation in the hearings, personal services, and others.

Public Defender In terms of Legal Experience

 Many of us believe that public defenders are less competent than DUI lawyers but this is not true. Rather it is a misconception that they are second-rated lawyers. Public defenders have the same courtroom trial experience and are successful criminal defense litigators. For dealing with complicated drink driving cases, a public defender is as efficient as an MA DUI lawyer.

Public Defender In terms of DMV Hearing

 When it comes to DMV hearing, having a reputed criminal DUI attorney on your side is always a better option than having a public defender. Although a public defender can represent you in the court efficiently with her/his wealth of experience, she/he cannot represent you in the vital DMV hearing. It is an administrative proceeding pertaining to the suspension and overturning of driving privileges of a convicted.

Only DUI attorneys are eligible to represent an offender for DMV hearings. She/he is entitled to get police reports and gather evidence, interrogate police officers and interview witnesses on an offender’s behalf.

Public Defender In terms of Court Appearances

 Since a DUI case involves multiple appearances at the court spanning over several months, only a DUI attorney can appear on your behalf. She/he can make appearances in the court without you that is not the case if you have appointed a public defender to represent your case. It means a public defender will not be thoroughly involved in your case during the pretrial period like a DUI attorney.

Public Defender vs. DUI attorney In terms of Replacement and Availability

You can consult your DUI case with reputed attorneys at no cost and obligation. Many people charged with DUI in Massachusetts visit several lawyers for free consultations. You can also hire or appoint any of them that you are impressed with and comfortable too. If you wish you can also substitute her/him later after hiring.

But if you have appointed a public defender, you are essentially stuck with her/him. You cannot replace her/him with someone else. Besides, a public defender gets transferred to different courts that mean she/he may not be there with you till the end.

To conclude, it is not possible to beat a DUI charge by appointing a public defender. Hiring a DUI Massachusetts criminal defense Attorney is always a sensible decision after comparing the two.

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