Is it worth hiring a lawyer for DUI?

Is it worth hiring a lawyer for DUI?

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a grave criminal offense in all the states of the United States. Massachusetts is no exception! If you’re one among those unlucky souls who’ve been accused of DUI in this state, you must contact an experienced MA criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Depending on factors such as the concentration of alcohol in the blood, criminal record, and the extent of the injury caused, you could face imprisonment, hefty fine, or both. To top it all, you could end up losing your driving privileges for a certain period.

In this blog, we’ve highlighted 5 significant reasons why it is always worth hiring a lawyer for DUI cases.

  • They’re Expert at Defending the Accused

An experienced MA DUI lawyer is sure to be well versed with the law and court procedures. Moreover, they always keep themselves updated with the latest DUI laws, rules, and requirements surrounding a drunk-driving case.

Needless to mention that knowledge is power when it comes to minimizing the sentences or penalties or evading the overall charges. The best part is that they always focus on building a strong and firm case on your behalf so that you never end up becoming a victim of false charges.

  • They Fully Understand the Criminal Law System

Fighting a war without having enough knowledge about the opposition never yields fruitful results. If you decide to defend yourself in a DUI case, you’ll find yourself in a tricky phase as you don’t have enough knowledge about DUI cases. The net result? You may have to pay a hefty fine or face imprisonment. But, on the other hand, an MA criminal defense lawyer possesses an in-depth knowledge of the criminal law system and is adept at representing the case in the court of law in the most efficient manner. Additionally, their sheer knowledge and experience in handling DUI cases help them build stronger cases in favor of their clients.

  • They Mitigate the Risk of Heavy Penalties

A DUI case must be dealt with promptly. The sooner you take action against the charges, the better it’ll be for you! Else, you may have to suffer heavy penalties. This is exactly when a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can help you out! They’ll not only help you take prompt action and mitigate the risks and consequences of your case but will also assist you in obtaining a clean chit from the court of law.

  • They Have Staff to Delegate Important Work

Building a DUI case and representing it efficiently in the court of law requires immense skill and expertise. The procedure involves gathering enough evidence, tracking down key witnesses, cross-examining the statements, preparing necessary documents, and the like. That’s why it’s always better to hire a dedicated MA criminal defense lawyer. They always have a team of qualified staff who performs all these procedures on behalf of the clients and represent the case in the most efficient manner.

  • They Prevent Unnecessary Detention

Hiring an experienced attorney simply means that the law enforcement agencies will not be able to detain you without contacting your lawyer. This eliminates the chances of you getting arrested without prior approval from the court. Every decision will have to pass through the legal counsel, which offers you grounds to fight against the prosecutors and the charges imposed against you.


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