What to Do When Your Driving License Gets Stolen?

What to Do When Your Driving License Gets Stolen?

It might fall out of your purse last evening while shopping or get pick-pocketed along with your wallet. You can also leave it in the cab that you were riding on. Whatever might be the case, losing a driving license under any circumstance can be costly. If it falls in the hands of a wrong person he/she will get access to all your confidential personal information. He will come to know your name, address, birthdate, height, and other things.

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But one that could be most damaging is that he will get your signature with the license and use it for dubious reasons and commit the act of fraud. Even a person with wrong intentions can use your license wrongfully and open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, take out contacts from your mobile phone and purchase a car on finance.  To avert serious repercussions, you must react quickly. Consulting a reputed MA criminal defense Lawyer is the best option.

Necessary Steps to be taken after Losing Your Driving License:

  • At first, take help of a renowned criminal defense lawyer who will guide and advice you on what you should do next after losing the driving license.
  • Get in touch with local law enforcement authorities at the earliest. They will undertake a paper trail to disclose the exact time of losing the license.
  • Inform the bank or banks where you hold accounts. They will put your account on a fraud alert and freeze it. This will prevent you from incurring financial losses for the transactions you haven’t done.
  • Contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles for reporting the lost card. They will explain the procedures and methods to replace the license and what to do until you get it replaced. A renowned MA criminal defense Lawyer can help you with all such procedures that could prevent unnecessary panic.
  • Get a copy of your official driving record. It will help you to monitor whether someone is using your license number illegally to hide his traffic violations and accidents and signing up for a background check.

How to Replace the Lost Driving License?

Replacing a lost driving license with a duplicate one can be an intimidating task since it involves many time-consuming processes. You will be required to present your identification proof such as birth certificate, submit a photo ID, mortgage, lease, or rental documents, federal or state documents, bank statement, utility bill, credit card, to the driver’s license office. However, if a person is below 18 years of age, he/she also need to present an alternative residency affidavit along with identification proof.

If you don’t want to undergo these things, you can get it replaced online or by phone by following a set of instructions. An online procedure would involve three steps. At first, you need to enter your last name and date of birth. In the second step, pay the applicable fee with your credit or debit card. At last, you will get a receipt of your email.  You have to make sure the license that you have lost was not suspended, revoked or canceled.

 If your lost license was close to the expiry date, then you can go through the renewal process instead of requesting for a duplicate one. Massachusetts criminal defense Attorney can give you proper advice under these circumstances and come to your rescue.

Losing a driving license is always a big cause of concern, however, you should never start to panic. Keep your calm and take the intensive steps without wasting your time.