4 Penalties For OUI Marijuana or OUI Drugs in Massachusetts

4 Penalties For OUI Marijuana or OUI Drugs in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts driving while high is not legal. Though the recreational use of marijuana is legal now, but not under the influence of weed or cannabis or any other controlled substances. Driving under the influence of marijuana is strictly forbidden in Massachusetts, USA.

There is no readily testing device available in the market to indicate that the driver has consumed marijuana and drives after getting high from it.


You might be wondering why it is too difficult to test for OUI/DUI of cannabis. Well, here are the reasons which will help you to understand it.

It is really quite impossible to create a sound chemically based test because the compound that produces an effect is different from ethanol, the compound that exhilarates a drinker of alcohol.


Let’s find out what are the barriers to creating a standardized test for DUI of marijuana:

Cannabinoids (like THC) are dissolved in fat and not in water like ethanol. As a result, weeds compounds are stored in a person’s fatty cells where they remain for a time period- even long after the driver has sobered that marijuana.

Although there was a standardized breathalyzer developed, this device would only detect whether a driver has smoked or not. On the other hand, the drivers who absorbed eatable would go undetected by the breathalyzer for marijuana.

From a few types of research, indications are that the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are totally depended upon individuals.

Frequent users can store enough metabolites of THC in their fatty cells to make a significant concentration in the bloodstream for more than thirty days after the current consumption.

It means hypothesize the metabolic rate of the cannabinoids remains incomprehensible.

Passive smoke in a confined area can produce “contact high” in the non-smokers which would be accounted for in any testing device.

One can get an OUI of Weed:

Even though there are no standardized tests available for measuring THC impairment, the department of law officials in Massachusetts have ensured to get violent in catching and imprisoning drivers under the influence of weed.

Cops will utilize their Field Sobriety Test, observations and Drug recognition in their attempts to thwart driving while high with marijuana.

If someone arrested for OUI of marijuana, need to hire an experienced and certified  MA OUI Lawyer.


Here, you may know that what are the punishments for OUI marijuana or OUI-drugs:

If convicted the penalties would be the same as OUI alcohol.

Offense options are given below:

  • A continuance without a finding (CWOF) is basically an admission to sufficient facts to find you guilty.
  • A trial for a year or more than that.
  • Need to finish the 24D programme 16 weeks of class once per week.
  • Drivers will lose their license privilege for between 45 to 90 days.
  • The drivers would get hardship license within three business days.


Now, you know what would be the consequences of driving after consuming marijuana in Massachusetts. If you intake weed on a daily basis, it can affect your health on a serious term. So, try to avoid marijuana and lead a healthy life.