Quick Ways To Prepare Yourself For DUI Hearing In Court


Quick Ways To Prepare Yourself For DUI Hearing In Court

If you are charged with DUI (Drinking under the Influence) offense, the thing for you to do would be to get ready for the criminal court process. The first step towards it would be appointing a competent MA criminal defense lawyer who can acquire a favorable outcome for you with her/his expert gathering of facts and strong representation in court.

A conviction for DUI can ruin your career, financial status and personal life So, it is important that you hire only an expert criminal defense attorney who can bail you out of the trouble and predicament during preliminary hearing and trial. Here are 5 tips that will help you in through the process.

Determine what plea you want to enter at the arraignment

When you appear before the judge at the arraignment, you’ll have to enter your petition by choosing from three options – not guilty, guilty, or no contest. This will be done after the judge reads the charge sheet against you.

If you choose to plead “guilty” or “no contest”, you will be sentenced to jail for the offence. You should plead “guilty” or “no contest” only when the state has sufficient evidence against you like results from a breath analyzer that is done to estimate the alcohol content in the blood of a suspect by collecting a breath sample. However, if you plead “not guilty” you will be able to defy or challenge the hearing and test the facts.

Get ready for preliminary hearing and trial

If you have chosen to plead “not guilty” you stand the chance to appoint a MA criminal defense lawyer who can defend and represent you in court. She/he will summon witnesses before the judge and cross-examine them. This will be followed by a trial during which the state and the suspect will pick a jury, present opening statements, bring witnesses and bring closing statements.

Know on what grounds the police have pulled you over

Is it for contravening the traffic laws or getting involved in a car accident? Know what led the officer to pull you over on suspicions of DUI. It will help you to prepare for defense accordingly.

Keep a note of the events for your case

For recollecting the events of your case precisely, it is important to write them in a sequential order. Remember, recollection of the events exactly is the key and can make a huge difference to the outcome of the case. It will also expose misbehavior of police if any.

Gather all documents and facts that will work in your favor

Work with your attorney to gather facts and testimonies that will help you challenge the charges held against you. From passengers in your car to medical conditions that could have had an impact on your blood-alcohol test report, everything must be collected and presented to your attorney when fighting against DUI charge.

When it comes to evidence, don’t forget to keep a video of the standardized field sobriety test as well.  In order to obtain the best outcome in your case, your lawyer will tell you what documents and testimonies you need.

Always prepare for the worst

With the upsurge of driving under the influence cases, the laws have become severer.  If you are accused for the first time, it’s a Class A misdemeanor in which you incur penalties including six months behind bars, monetary fines, and undergoing alcohol rehabilitation.

If you are alleged for the second time in the DUI charge, you may have to bear harsh penalties such as ending up six months behind the bars, monetary fines, drug and alcohol rehabilitation sessions, 1-year suspension of driving privileges or forfeiture of driving license among others. However, by hiring a top DUI attorney you can circumvent or bypass these penalties and get the result in your favor.

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