Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Massachusetts

Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Massachusetts

Someone facing criminal charges in Massachusetts will want to hire a reliable criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts to defend them. Considering the substantial criminal penalties and prison that may result from criminal charges, it is important to choose the very best criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal defense lawyers receive training in analyzing cases as well as evidence for errors and weaknesses. They also analyze potential strategies for crime defense that can be employed to prevent the filing of a case, reduce charges, or dismiss a case.

Here are some ways a skilled criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts can help you:


1. Evaluate your Evidence and Charges

A criminal defense lawyer evaluates your evidence, criminal charges, and the best criminal defenses for offering an evaluation of case prospects that’s realistic.


2. Stop Charges Even Before Filing of Them

Several times, a skilled criminal lawyer can visit the federal prosecutor or District Attorney after the arrest, but prior to the charges being filed formally. The lawyer may provide evidence as well as witness statements which might help prosecutors to see the whole picture, rather than just what the alleged “victim” or the police have said. Accordingly, prosecutors might choose to file lower charges like a misdemeanor instead of a felony, for instance. Or a felony lawyer may provide evidence or witness statements such that the DA rejects the case altogether and files no criminal charges.


3. Recommend a Strategy for Defense

After carefully evaluating the witnesses, police reports, charges, and other evidence, a criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts can suggest the best strategy for criminal defense so as to fight charges in the trial, negotiate reduction in charges, or get your case dismissed.


4. Collaborate with the D.A. for Negotiating a “Plea Bargain”

If the strategy of the case is negotiating charges, the lawyer would negotiate with the district attorney for reducing the charges, reducing the potential sentencing or the consequences, or even dismissal of a case. A skilled criminal defense lawyer would explain you the advantages and disadvantages of your options.


5. Compile Witness Statements and Evidence Important to your Case

A criminal defense attorney would develop strategies and interview witnesses for discrediting or rebutting prosecution witnesses.


6. Hire Private Investigators

A criminal defense case may require a criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts to attain a thorough investigation of key witnesses, the alleged crime, inconsistencies within witness statements as well as other evidence involved in the case.


7. Educate you about Legal Rules and Laws Applying to your Case

Criminal law is quite a complex field of federal and state legislation which a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts needs to practice and study for long years to be able to navigate skillfully. A reliable lawyer would explain you thoroughly the laws and legal rules applying to your case.


These are some of the many roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer. If you, or anyone of your family or friends, face a criminal charge, make sure to hire only a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts with a proven track record of successfully handling criminal cases.