How to Handle DUI Stress when Arrested?

How to Handle DUI Stress when Arrested?

Are you accused of a DUI case in Massachusetts? Well, then you must be suffering from intense emotional stress and mental trauma. According to expert MA DUI lawyers, stress is a direct result of worrying about the proceedings and verdict of the case.

In this blog, we’ve discussed, 5 time-tested strategies that’ll help you overcome this situation and lead life peacefully.

  • Participate in Your Trial

A recent study conducted by eminent MA criminal defense lawyers revealed the fact that a major reason behind the stress in DUI cases is the feeling of a loss of control. They further added that this feeling intensifies in their mind if their vehicle was stopped by the police in a public place, or was compelled to take certain actions by the government authorities.

Expert Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys opine that the best technique to overcome the feeling of being out-of-control is to ask the attorney how they can assist him/her in their defense. Though this may sound simple, it can help you overcome stress considerably.

  • Understand Driver License Issues

In Massachusetts, the original license is often revoked by the police and provided with a paper license post the accident. Your passport can help you out in this situation. According to the laws, you’re not eligible to hold any form of state identity as long as the DUI case is pending.

However, you can try obtaining a replacement for your driving license by writing to the Secretary of State office describing your situation. There’s no law to prohibit you from reapplying while the case is still pending.

Your license will not be suspended until you’re proven guilty in the court of law. If you win, the sanctions will be revoked immediately. But if you lose, your license will be suspended for a year.


  • Understand the System

Since most of the people arrested for DUI do not have an in-depth understanding of the law, they undergo intense stress and agony. The “fear of the unknown” can be relieved just by understanding how your case will progress in the court of law.

Most cases begin with an arrest. After the arrest, you’ll be issued with a ticket based on the Uniform Traffic Code. The ticket will have the date of the trial (usually 7 – 10 days post the date of the accident). Your attorney will discuss the merits and demerits of your case within this period. Remember that for obtaining a bail, you’ll have to sign a bond and pay a certain sum as fine.

  • Know the Reasons for Delay

A recent report found out that stress arising from these cases becomes worse due to all the waiting involved. You should, however, understand, that waiting is something that your MA criminal defense lawyer may not be able to avoid always.

For instance, the judge might be on leave or transferred, or the prosecuting attorneys, witnesses, and police officers may not be available to attend the court on that date. To put it simply, everyone’s calendar must be accommodated while scheduling a trial date.

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