Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Hey! Just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your hard work with this case! All your time and effort and for encouraging me to fight and not give up. Imagine if I just gave up those days. Thank you for All your research! I was not just another number to you.” You actually taught me a lot and you are a great lawyer! I have your card and will definitely recommend you if anyone ever needs a lawyer. So again THANK YOU!!!! You saved me from big trouble.

Amy Bingham

Attorney Amit Singh worked with us day and night and whenever we needed him.
Result- case dismissed!

Sam Tucker

Attorney Amit Singh is very professional and caring. He got three of my cases dismissed in one day. TMP

Angela Cross

Lawyer Amit Singh worked tirelessly and got my case dismissed prior to arraignment. He saved my new Job and reputation. I would strongly recommend Amit Singh to anyone who is looking for an attorney.