What Exactly is the OUI Report and Why it is Important?

What Exactly is the OUI Report and Why it is Important?

In Massachusetts, a driver is charged and arrested in an OUI case when 0.08% alcohol content is found in her/his blood when driving. What matters most at that point of time is the police OUI report.

A suspected driver can keep a copy of the report so that he can review the evidence, and defend herself/himself against the crime. Taking the help of a renowned MA DUI lawyer can help a suspected driver win the trial.

What does the OUI Report Contain?

An OUI report generated by police officers at the scene can include vital pieces of information such as list of field sobriety tests, lab report of urine or blood test results, a print out of breath machine test results along with narrative reports of the incident by the police officers who have arrested the suspected driver.

The remarks and interpretations in the report are customary and may not be truly pertinent to your case. The police officer might say that you have fumbled getting your registration and license or refused the field sobriety tests.

Police officers in Massachusetts add all the negative elements in the report. They try to depict the situation as if the pieces of evidence are against you. The report will be presented in such a way that will suggest that you were driving under the influence.

Reviewing the statements on the report can be intimidating particularly when you are likely to feel that most of them are wrong. Hiring a reputed Massachusetts OUI Attorney can help you to deal with the intricacies of the case. She/he will help you to recreate your version of the incident in your defense and laying the foundation for a solid fight-back.

How you can Turn Around Things to your Advantage?

If it is your first OUI offense, you will be provided documents such as bail slip with a promise to reappear at the court for arraignment, citation, license suspension, and refusal to undertake a breath test document.

Things can start getting unpleasant if you are convicted for the second time in an OUI charge. If it is your second offense you will be required to serve 2.5 years of imprisonment. But you can quickly turn things around you.

If you feel the OUI report presented by the police officers is concocted, fabricated or not pertinent to your case, then appointing an eminent MA DUI lawyer is the best idea. She/he will reframe the case by giving alternate explanations, pointing out all the things you did right, and keeping out the bad evidence.

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