What Is The Average Cost Of A DUI Lawyer In Massachusetts

What Is The Average Cost Of A DUI Lawyer In Massachusetts

Getting slapped with DUI charges is one of the worst things that can ever happen to you and even worse are its associated expenses. Moreover, the billing of DUI lawyers is different from those of personal injury or criminal lawyers.

Depending on the gravity of the case, it may take anything between six to twelve months for it to be completely settled. You will need the services of a competent lawyer that is well-versed in different aspects of this law for a good settlement.


Good lawyers are expensive

The one thing that is important to remember in DUI cases is that only lawyers that have prior experience in dealing with the complexities of this law can be trusted. Cheap lawyers without expertise in this particular law can become very expensive in terms of your life!


Two basic rate types

When looking for an MA DUI Lawyer, you have to remember that there are two types – those that charge a flat rate and those that charge hourly.

The flat rate lawyers, as the term denotes charge a fixed rate for the entire process of working on your DUI charges. Depending on the background and case, many such lawyers offer discounts that are usually not given by the other type.

Those that charge the hourly rates will bill you for the specific hours when they are working on your case. The advantage of hiring these lawyers is that you pay less if your case ends soon and the disadvantage is that you pay more if it elongates.


Case complication determines rates

If you are looking to know the exact amount that you have to hand out a fee to a DUI lawyer, the answer is that it is variable. Rates will differ depending on whether it is for negotiating a plea bargain, or to contest a DUI case involving a trial. The former will naturally cost you less while the second will be more expensive.

In simple words, the complexity of the case determines the charges for it. Those cases that involve fatality involving charges of intoxication manslaughter are surely going to be expensive. Those of felony DUI cost more as do license suspension hearing at the motor vehicle department.



There are also others factors like the reputation of the lawyer and the law firm that influence the rates. But, in general, most DUI lawyers offer free initial consultations over the phone or even in person. You get to discuss your case and also ask the important questions that will explain the person’s skills in the trade.

Records show that depending upon the complexity, DUI case charges can range anywhere from $1750 for a hearing to $6000 plus for trials.


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