4 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

4 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

Usually, people have two common questions for their personal injury lawyers –

i) ‘What will be the amount of my Personal Injury Claim?’
ii) ‘Does my injury qualify as a personal injury?’

There are no guaranteed and fixed answers to these questions.

A number of reasons determine whether a lawyer will accept or reject your case.

Time plays the most important factor here. The Federal Law of the USA has set a time limit from the date of the accident within which any Personal Injury claim lawsuit has to be filed. The chances of you getting compensated will become very dim if you fail to file suit within this period.

Generally, people think it’s very easy to hire a lawyer. It’s somewhat true if you’re not bothered about the experience or the quality of the lawyer. But hiring an expert lawyer is as important as choosing a doctor.

For personal injury claims, you need to contact a lawyer that has specialized in a field where you and your lawyer will work as a team. So, it’s important that you should be comfortable with her/ him.

A personal injury lawyer can be selective in choosing his/her cases. Multiple factors determine whether she/he will accept your case or not.

The 4 Common Reasons for a Lawyer to reject your case are:

  1. Your Injury Isn’t as Serious as You Think
    You can only claim compensation if the injury affects you physically, emotionally and financially.It’s a good idea to consult a lawyer immediately after the accident even if you’ve not suffered any serious injury as some injuries appear over time.A Personal Injury Lawyer is well aware of the types of injuries that you may sustain from a car accident. In fact, they also know that some injuries appear much later than when the actual accident took place.

    Your lawyer can reject a case if she/he thinks that your injury isn’t that serious.

  2. The Accident Cannot be Termed as a Personal Injury
    Injuries you have sustained in a car accident have to be serious enough for you to be able to make Personal Injury claims.To win your case, the lawyer has to prove the other party was directly responsible for the injuries that you have sustained during the accident.
  3. Economically the Case Isn’t Beneficial for Her/him
    Personal Injury Lawyers do not charge their clients when representing them in the court. They take a part of the compensation that you receive as their fee. The compensation that you receive then should cover your medical bills, loss of wages and the mental trauma suffered. In addition to all of this, it should be able to compensate the lawyer too.  If the lawyer deems your case weak, then she/he will reject your case.
  4. You’ve Discussed Your Case with Too Many Personal Injury Lawyers
    When you’ve discussed your case with multiple attorneys, it works as a red flag against you. The lawyers genuinely care about each of their clients and don’t entertain someone who’s looking for an opportunity to make a fortune out of an accident.


Amit Singh is a certified MA Personal Injury Lawyer that has represented over 500 clients nationwide concerning social security disabilities, personal injuries and workers’ compensations. This Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer is associated with prestigious Bristol County and Rhode Island bar associations.