Child Pornography Crime Defense

Child Pornography Crime Defense

Singh Law 4 U is one of the best law firms in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that has immense expertise in dealing with cases related to child pornography. Possession of child pornography is a serious crime in the United States. It can lead to harsh punishments based on both state and federal charges.

The consequences of a child pornography conviction are wide-reaching. You'll not only face imprisonment but could also end up losing your reputation and future aspirations. If you feel you've been wrongly convicted of child pornography cases, it’s best if you seek help from Attorney Amit Singh – the best child pornography defense lawyer in Massachusetts and adjacent areas.


Child Pornography Charges in Massachusetts

  Dealing with child pornography cases in Massachusetts is quite challenging. The law clearly defines child pornography charges in the following ways –

  • Compelling a minor to participate in the production of obscene material or sexual content. It’s a conviction of felony offense, and can land you up in prison for 10 years, or impose a fine of USD 25,000.
  • Possessing the motive to distribute, depictions of a minor participating in obscene actions or sexual conduct. This is also a felony offense and is thus punishable for 10 years, or a fine of USD 25,000.
  • Possessing depictions of a minor participating in obscene actions or sexual contact. The penalties for a conviction are sentenced for each count of possession. This means that each picture or recording will result in a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. You could also be imposed a three-year jail sentence.

If you’ve been accidentally held for possessing any of such material or framed into it, you need the help of an expert like that of Attorney Amit Singh of Singh Law 4 U. Attorney Singh and his team has a 97% success rate in handling child pornography cases. His skills in organizing the relevant pieces of evidence and representing the case in the court of law are unparalleled. He has an impeccable reputation of strong argumentation of cases he represents and winning them a favorable verdict.

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