Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

The US state of Massachusetts has stern laws for sex crimes. The punishments of the offender often depend on the severity of the crime committed by him. Sexual assault is perhaps the most common sexual crime in Massachusetts.

Sexual assault refers to lewd, detestable, and undesirable sexual acts. From aggressive touching of the private parts to grasping a woman’s buttocks without her consent or penetrating forcefully, sexual assault encompasses any heinous erotic deed that is coerced or manipulated.

The crime is categorized into indecent assault and battery and aggravated sexual assault. An indecent assault becomes aggravated sexual assault when the victim sustains grave injuries due to violent physical force, aggressive sadomasochistic behavior and use of dangerous weapons. In such cases, the perpetrator faces severe punishments such as a long-term prison sentences.

Other Sexual Crimes Include:
  • Rape and abuse of a child
  • Rape of a child under 16 with brutal force
  • Assault with intent to commit rape
  • Drugging persons for sexual intercourse
  • Persuading a minor for prostitution or sexual intercourse
  • Posing or exhibiting a child in a state of nudity
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Licentious assault on a person with intellectual disability
  • Indecent assault on a disabled person and others.

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