Auto-Brewery Syndrome as a Defense to DUI Charges

Auto-Brewery Syndrome as a Defense to DUI Charges

Drunk driving cases are increasing and the charges are becoming harsher for the accused. But some medical conditions can lead to a high level of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) amount in blood without consuming several drinks. This is quite unusual as the syndrome forces the gut to hold a huge amount of yeast and makes the gut function as a fermenter.

An article of the ABA Journal documented an incident where a woman from New England underwent a test to prove her innocence and this worked as a defense against the DUI charges.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome Resulted in the BAC Amount of the Woman to go up to Four Times Higher than the Accepted Amount

Police stopped the woman as another driver reported her. She took the Breathalyzer test and the result came to an incredibly high amount of BAC (0.33). Her BAC amount was four times higher than the legal amount (0.08). It may seem like she was incapacitated due to the high alcohol amount. But her medical condition made her immune to high-alcohol amount and increased her tolerance level.

The woman accepted that she had drinks but it wasn’t enough to raise the BAC amount up to 0.33. Her unusual situation led her lawyer to look into the matter. Her lawyer found out about the syndrome with further research. The woman in question took a test and was diagnosed with a rare condition. The charges were dropped and she proceeded to be treated for the growth of yeast in her system.

What is Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

This condition remains hidden in most people until they’re charged with DUI and undergo a test. This rare condition turns certain foods into alcohol. Although there’s not much information available about Auto-Brewery Syndrome but alcohol in her/his blood can make them feel dizzy, drowsy and light headed.

Does Auto-Brewery Syndrome Work in Massachusetts as a Defense?

The above incident took place in New England and people are increasingly becoming aware of the syndrome. It has changed the perspective of the lawmakers. Although Massachusetts laws aren’t modified based on this incident but the other states of the USA are focusing on the modification of their laws. The woman in question passed the test and successfully avoided the DUI charges. Perhaps her case will allow the other DUI defendants to demonstrate their rare medical conditions that cause them to fail in a Breathalyzer test.

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