Is Threat of Committing a Crime Chargeable Offense under Massachusetts Criminal Law?

Is Threat of Committing a Crime Chargeable Offense under Massachusetts Criminal Law?

A threat of committing certain crimes or the verbal announcement of the possibility of inflicting injury to someone can be a chargeable offense under Massachusetts Criminal Law. The law may seem eldritch to you, but Massachusetts Criminal Law holds it as an offensive statement and it can send you behind the bars as well. Even though the arrested may not have committed the crime in real, but under Massachusetts G.L.c. 275 law, threatening someone itself is considered a crime and the defendant may face lasting and harsh repercussions.

Possible Punishments that the Defendant may have to face

Threatening can lead to the following set of punishments:

  • Fine up to $100
  • A sentence in Jail, even for up to 6 months
  • Suspended Sentence
  • Term of Probation

However, not under every situation, the victim can claim that s/he is being threatened of injury. In order to carry out the prosecution process, the victim has to prove four important points against the defendant, otherwise, the case won’t be strong enough for the victim and the defendant won’t need to suffer under doubt. Those four elements are:

  • The defendant has genuinely posed a threat against the victim’s property
  • The defendant was actually willful about the threat
  • The defendant will be seriously charged under Massachusetts Criminal Law if the threat is physically carried out
  • If the defendant had imposed the threat under such a circumstance where the victim can really fear the defendant’s intention of carrying out the crime in real

The alleged defendant will still be charged under Massachusetts Criminal Law even if the victim can prove that the defendant was intended to convey the threat against the alleged victim.

Confusion between True Threats and Idle Threats

Threats are of two types: Actual or True Threats and Idle or Unwilling Threats. There is an immense possibility of misusing the Massachusetts Criminal Law under the confusion of what is considered an actual threat and what is meant in a light-hearted manner. A threat is not considered as chargeable when the person made it idly. However, this does not lead to the prosecutors’ and police officers’ not moving forward with charges against the defendants. There are numerous incidents reported in Massachusetts where the words uttered by the defendants were completely free of intention of harming or posing a threat to the alleged victim/ ill/ evil will in reality.

Massachusetts Criminal Défense Attorney

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