Criminal Harassment or Stalking Law in Massachusetts

Criminal Harassment or Stalking Law in Massachusetts

Massachusetts laws are quite strict when it comes to stalking charges. The law of Massachusetts treats stalking as a heinous crime. Reports say, in most cases, the victims have prior acquaintances with the stalkers. Those charged with stalking usually turn out to be former partners, customers, friends or co-workers. More than 70% of female victims know their stalkers.

What is Stalking?

In the easiest terms, stalking is defined as the action of following the victim’s regular actions that affect the victim emotionally. Stalking includes anything, from following to monitoring the victims’ activities, such as whom they are meeting or chatting, identifying their place of work or keeping a track of their mail and net usage.


What makes Stalking serious crime?

Just following a person may seem an innocent act but it can turn in to a threat to the victim. Stalking places a question mark on the safety of the victim. The victim remains in constant anxiety and can suffer from depression, insomnia, and social isolation. The disruption of daily life and the constant threat of violence make stalking a grave crime.

How Massachusetts Crime Laws Define Stalking?

Massachusetts Stalking Law defines stalking as:

  1. engagement in malicious conducts that can seriously annoy or alarm a reasonable person along leading her/him to suffer from emotional distress
  2. posing serious threats with the intent of harming the victim, such as bodily injury or death

The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAW) reports that only a fraction of the total stalkers verbally threat their victims. Most victims fail to press charges of stalking because of the absence of any evidence.

Massachusetts stalking law has become harsher to bring to book anyone involved in stalking. Massachusetts stalking law (2000) reports that now even those stalkers that haven’t posed any direct threat to the victims can be prosecuted in the state courts under this law.

What can be the result of the charges?

The stalker can be punished under a felony charge in Massachusetts. She/he may have to bear $1,000 fine with an additional prison sentence of up to 5 years if the stalker is committing the crime for the first time.

The prison sentence for stalking can go up to 10 years for the second timers.

Under MGL c. 265 s. 43 law of Massachusetts, stalking and criminal harassment acts are shown as being a bit different from each other. Criminal harassment acts can lead to $1,000 fine with 2 ½ years of prison sentence.

Both of these need proof but criminal harassment act is shown as a misdemeanor resulted by the stalker.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

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