Fingerprint Evidence Alone Not Necessarily Enough For a Criminal Conviction

Fingerprint Evidence Alone Not Necessarily Enough For a Criminal Conviction

There are so many questions asked by people about what are the proofs lead to catching the criminals. Fingerprints cannot be the only evidence to accuse a person of a criminal offense. Generally, people think that fingerprints are something on which they can trust and it will help to catch the real culprit. It appears very frequently that fingerprints are the best proof to arrest and convict a person of the crime. But it does not always go in the same direction. There are high possibilities of going in the wrong direction if one is only dependent on a single evidence.

You may know that fingerprint cannot be an alone proof to bring a conviction against someone for a particular crime. There are more other identifying evidence like ridges, arches, swirls and many more to catch the wrongdoer.

There is a recent case in Massachusetts which can give you a clear explanation of the concept that fingerprint evidence alone not necessarily for a criminal conviction:

In the year 2013, a store was broken and several hundred dollars of merchandise was stolen. Cops determined that the culprit made the way through the printed window of the shop and ran away with a large number of goods. The jury condemned the French. When the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed, the Supreme Judicial Court reversed.

In this regard the Supreme Judicial Court made several guidelines:

The prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the fingerprint was put on the object during the commencement of the crime.

The prosecution needs to provide evidence that the fingerprint was not imprinted before or after the crime.

There was no indication that the fingerprints were not left before or after the crime for French. If this was the case then it cannot be said that he was involved in breaking and stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise.

So, you may get the point that if the only evidence is printed available at the crime scene, then you need to investigate and analyze the whole incident carefully. For example, whether the accused one was seen at the same place and time when the crime took place? A general access is possible or not? Is this the place where the accused person roaming continuously?

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