How to Hire a Reliable Drug Crimes Lawyer in Massachusetts

How to Hire a Reliable Drug Crimes Lawyer in Massachusetts

Drug charges are taken very seriously by Massachusetts. Drug crimes undergo aggressive prosecution, with judges often imposing harsh sentences – even when it’s the first offense. In Massachusetts, a drug charge may lead to severe consequences. In case of conviction, you may have to spend months or years behind the bars, pay hefty fines, and lose driver’s license. Moreover, a conviction may hurt your reputation and restrict your employment opportunities.

If you ever face a drug crimes charge in Massachusetts, it’s crucial to find a reliable drug crimes lawyer or an MA criminal defense lawyer with expertise in handling drug crimes cases. Here is how you can find a reputed drug crimes lawyer and hire him/her.


Finding an MA Drug Crimes Lawyer

There are various ways to find a reliable MA criminal defense lawyer. Consider asking your family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations of a reliable attorney. If they have hired any such attorney, enquire about their experience with the lawyer and whether they are willing to hire that lawyer again.

If you don’t wish to reveal your drug crimes charges to anyone, you can search drug crimes lawyers on the internet, who serve in your area.

After finding some attorneys, shortlist the ones you feel are more suitable. Then, contact the shortlisted lawyers to conduct meetings with them.


Preparing for Meeting with a Drug Crimes Lawyer

Prior to your first meeting, think about the qualities the Massachusetts criminal defense attorney should have. Some of the desirable qualities of a drug crimes lawyer are:

  • Vast experience of representing clients with similar drug charges
  • Sound judgement and good advice
  • An effective strategy to handle your case for getting you favorable results
  • Reasonable legal fees


Meeting an MA Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are conducting the first meeting with the lawyer, allow the lawyer to ask you all types of questions. The attorney is likely to have many questions regarding the drug charges on you. Questions may be like – What happened? What evidence is there against you? What are the allegations of the police? Do you have charges of a felony or a misdemeanor?

Try to be forthcoming with a lawyer. A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney is not allowed to disclose anything discussed with a client during the first meeting, owing to strict confidentiality laws.

After the lawyer has asked you questions, you need to ask him/her your questions. Enquire about the lawyer’s experience in handling cases involving similar drug charges. Ask whether the lawyer is acquainted with the judge and the prosecuting attorney for your case.

Ask clearly about the lawyer’s fees and any other expenses involved.

In case you have special requests of any kind, convey them during the first meeting.


Hiring an MA Criminal Defense Lawyer

After meeting with all the criminal defense lawyers you had shortlisted, you need to select one. Determine whether the lawyers have the qualities you think to be the most important. To determine this, ask yourself:

  • Are the lawyers equipped with the necessary experience and background in defending clients with drug crimes charges?
  • Are they charging reasonable legal fees?
  • Is their advice and judgment trustworthy and dependable?
  • Am I comfortable interacting with them?


This information would help you choose and hire a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney for defending yourself against drug crimes charges. A reliable and experienced attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of any case, so, make sure you hire the right lawyer!