Are You Eligible for PTSD After a Car Accident?

Are You Eligible for PTSD After a Car Accident?

Apart from physical wounds and injuries, the worst part about car accidents on road is post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a condition that adversely affects a victim psychologically after a car accident, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and others. However, car accident victims can develop it more significantly and it is even backed by studies. It is claimed that 10% of the people who have experienced accidents on the car can develop this disorder. And moreover, they can strongly claim compensation on these grounds by hiring a reputed MA DUI lawyer.

What is PTSD and how it Impacts an Accident Survivor?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an intricate psychological condition that impacts accident survivors and victims’ intensely. Persons struggling with it can observe various symptoms that start interfering with normal life and strain their personal relationships along with disrupting their professional goals with an inability to focus. Besides that, it also poses other serious mental issues which are as follows.

  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Chronic insomnia or difficulty in sleeping
  • Flashbacks of the shocking incident when awake
  • Irritation, aggression, agitation and mood swings
  • Withdrawal from society and hobbies and living a life in complete isolation

Can Victims With PTSD Get Compensation?

Most of the time, it happens due to the negligence of others, you are injured when driving and you expect the guilty-party to compensate you for your injuries and damage. But actually, it is the insurance service providers who pay out the reimbursements after calculating your claim value. They consider your property damage, injuries, and suffering.

With the incidents of car accidents becoming common in the United States of America, getting personal injury compensation from insurance service providers can be easy if you have hired an experienced and proficient MA DUI lawyer. If the condition is serious and damaging, a survivor struggling with PTSD can make a personal injury claim if he/she was driving the car during the accident and was injured due to the negligence of the fault party.

The compensation would include property damages, present and future medical expenses. It can be more beneficial if the injured victim has lost the ability to work because of the PTSD symptoms. If the case is properly diagnosed, personal injury compensation claims would become stronger. Such claims will protect the policyholders from the unnecessary financial burden. A renowned Massachusetts OUI Attorney can help you to establish strong credibility of getting the claim passed by a tricky insurance company.

When a Victim Can File a Lawsuit for PTSD?

If the physiological damages are extensive, there are permanent disabilities due to the symptoms. And he/she is unable to support the medical expenses, only then a lawsuit can be filed. To get the claim passed, a jury will review your situation and assess whether you really deserve the personal injury compensation or not.

If the jury finds that despite taking appropriate actions, the symptoms have shown no signs of slowing down in a victim and it is interfering with his/her life severely, then it is bound to pass your claim. However, to present your case strongly, you need to hire a renowned personal injury lawyer.