Should I admit guilt to my criminal defense attorney?

Should I admit guilt to my criminal defense attorney?

If you’re facing criminal charges and not acquainted with how the criminal justice system works, the final outcome is sure to keep you worried.  You’re likely to continue to worry about the future and be tense.

A lot of people facing criminal charges often think that if they confess their guilt to the attorney, she/he will abandon them or lead to the disruption of their defense. But a reputed MA criminal defense lawyer is sure to fight for her/his client till the end leaving no stone unturned to get a favorable outcome on her/his behalf.

During the criminal trial and legal proceedings, a defense prosecutor will gather valuable proofs and witness on your behalf, eliminate harmful testimonies, and represent you in the best possible way in the court.

What Does Criminal Attorneys Expect?

Now the question arises, should you admit guilt to your criminal defense attorney, even if you did commit the crime?

Well, most criminal lawyers expect their client to be candid and deliver exact facts of the case. It helps them to find out whether the proofs against the client are adequate to prove her/him innocent, help her/him to prepare thoroughly and represent the client precisely in court for defense.

Hence concealing or suppressing facts to an attorney would not help you at all rather only limit her/his defense strategies.  You should always remember it’s the jury who delivers the final verdict not the lawyer representing you. The attorney’s job is to ensure that the client gets a fair hearing. So, you should correctly report all facts associated with your case to the criminal advocate representing you.

Discussing your Case with the Attorney

A majority of the criminal defense attorneys want their clients to disclose everything pertinent to the case including the good, bad, and the ugly at the initial briefing. It’s because unknown facts can be detrimental and make a huge difference in winning and losing the case. If you hide the truth, an attorney wouldn’t be able to defend you against what she/he doesn’t know or produce a compelling argument in the court.

However, there are some attorneys who have a different viewpoint. They assume their clients guilty because it helps them to assess the case critically and put up their best defense.

What are the ethical issues?

A MA criminal defense lawyer hired is supposed to fight zealously on your behalf. She/he can do everything to get a favorable outcome in the case. But, one thing that she/he cannot do is present false facts or evidence in court. If proofs are not sufficient or perhaps some facts are concealed by the client, the attorney can put emphasis on the loopholes in the prosecutor’s evidence.

For instance, if you’re suspected of possessing marijuana at a conference, and you confess that you were smoking in a public place, your attorney cannot present an argument that you did not commit the crime of smoking marijuana publicly. She/he can only debate that the prosecutor has not proved that you committed the crime.

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